Russia Visa Applications

Biometric data collection in the UK

Biometric data is required for all Russian visa applications made in the UK. All visa applicants (except for children under 12 years) must go in person to the Russian visa application centre either in London, Manchester or Edinburgh. The procedure is quick and requires only one visit. Even if your personal attendance is now required, there will be much value in using our visa service. Please read why.

Important: COVID-19 mandatory tests

All travellers to Russia departing from the UK are required to have a negative test (taken by PCR method) passed not ealier than three days before arrival in Russia. You must present a printout of the test certificate before boarding the flight. A test can be booked at the Russian visa centre while submitting your application.

E-visa to Russia

You can now visit the following regions of the Russian Federation with a simplified visa procedure, known as an electronic visa:
  • Saint Petersburg and its surrounding region (Leningradskaya Oblast);
  • Kaliningrad and its surrounding region (Kaliningrad Oblast);
  • Far Eastern Federal District,


E-visa is an electronic document allowing a single entry for tourism, business or humanitarian purposes within the specified territory (St. Petersburg, Kaliningrad or Far Eastern Disctrict) of the Russian Federation for a maximum period of 8 days.

Please note to be able to travel with an e-visa you must arrive directly to your destination from another country, you are not allowed to use any connecting flights in Russia, for example via Moscow.

UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Canada are excluded from the regulations, meaning their nationals must apply for a standard visa to enter Russia.

Nationals of the following countries are eligible for an e-visa. Please click on the region below to verify if you can travel to Russia with an e-visa: E-visas are obtained online at

An e-visa is issued within 4 calendar days, including week-ends and bank holidays.

There is no need for any invitations, hotel booking confirmations or any other supporting documentation.

E-visa is issued free of charge. 


  • Passport - it must be valid for at least 6 months from the date you applied for an e-visa. Your passport must have a blanc page for border crossing stamps.
  • Medical insurance valid in Russia for the entire period of stay. Arrange your travel insurance online.


You can start your application not earlier than 20 days and no later than 4 days before the intended date of travel to Russia. 

The application process is straightforward, you just need to enter your personal details, address, place of work as well as details of your stay in Russia. Make sure you know the hotel name and address where you will be staying.

Please note, your e-visa will be checked by the Russian border control officers upon entry into Russia. Even with an approved e-visa, you will be denied entry into Russia, if there are any errors in your personal details and they do not match your passport (e.g. incorrect spelling of your names, wrong dates, etc.). Even one incorrect letter or a sign will invalidate your e-visa. You will not be able to amend those details upon your arrival and will be deported from Russia.
  • Prepare a colour digital photo. The photo must be no more than six months old as of the date of the application. During the application process you will be asked to upload your photo.
  • Go to the Russian Consular Department website at, choose your nationality, select a region to visit and start a new application.
  • Follow the guidance on the website. Complete your application with utmost care.


Although the Russian e-visa application process is quite straightforward (if you follow the guidance notes) we appreciate that some people may find it difficult due to lack of experience with online forms, time-consuming or simply not knowing how to answer specific questions. You can use our premium service when for £45 per person we complete your visa application online, so you can be sure your application is done correctly.

Once your e-visa form has been approved, we email you the Russian consulate approval letter.

If you want to order e-visa assistance, please download and complete a short questionnaire and email it back to us including a copy of your passport and travel insurance confirmation.


It is our responsibility to inform you that we are a private company assisting our customers with visa applications. We are not an official government website and are not affiliated with any government department. If you wish to apply directly to the relevant embassy, please contact them or check their website for current visa rules, application process and applicable fees.

If you decide to use our services, please note, that in addition to consular fees we charge a handling fee for processing your visa application on your behalf which includes visa consultation and advice, checking your application pack as per relevant government requirements, consular submission and collection.