About Stress Free Visas

Our story

StressFreeVisas is a professional visa support company based in London dealing with tourist and business visas to many popular destinations from the UK including China, India, Russia, Belarus, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Ghana and more.

Our story begins from early 2005 when we were set up as an in-house visa department at a leading UK based tour operator specialising in tours to China, Mongolia, the former USSR and Central Asia. In this role we gathered enormous experience dealing with the most complicated visa arrangements and also established good working relationships with many consulates and visa application centres in London. Growing demand for visa support - and the increasingly frequent travel plans of our customers - led to the establishment of a separate company concentrating on visa processing only, StressFreeVisas.

Our services

Stress Free Visas, as the name implies, deals with visa processing and support. However we are not a faceless online agent, rather we are your travel advisor, handling the burden of time consuming and sometimes frustrating visa application processes. We want you concentrate on your travel plans and let us do all the preparations. Our main aim is summed up by our motto “to provide stress free, convenient and reliable visa support at affordable prices.”

Your advantages
  • Stress free. Placing a visa order with us online takes no more than 5 minutes, saving you valuable time. You will receive detailed guidance notes on the required visa documents and information on how to fill in the relevant applications. You will be advised on what additional documents to submit depending on your nationality, family and employment status. Before submission we check your forms and application packs to make sure they are all completed as per the consulate requirements. You will be advised on the exact processing times and when your passports will be delivered back to you. We also provide free visa advice over the phone or email before you decide to order your visa processing through us.
  • Convenient. You can bring, courier or post all you application packs to our office in London, alternatively we can arrange convenient delivery and collection; no need for you to take day off work or set up embassy appointments. We offer online tracking of your visa documents too so you can access your secure account from anywhere and view the application status. We are also offering a number or optional services for the utmost comfort of our travellers: SMS tracking, same day courier services, application filling on your behalf and much more, just check the relevant visa section for more details.
  • Reliable & secure. We guarantee meticulous checking of your application packs as per consulate rules and on time submission / collection of your documents. All your valuable documents including passports are treated with utmost care and kept in a locked safe. We respect your privacy and make sure there is no unauthorised access to your personal data. Visa ordering including entry and storage of personal details as well as card payments are processed encrypted using special software (e.g. SSL encryption, https and padlock in internet browsers). Read more about our privacy policy.
  • Lowest price guarantee. A quality service at the very best price is our principal aim. Our goal is to save you not only the hassle of arranging the visa but also money. We have the lowest prices in the UK for visa processing, this is guaranteed. If you happen to find a cheaper like-to-like service, please let us know immediately and we will match the price and offer a £25 discount on top. Note, our lower prices do not mean average service. We achieve and guarantee lower pricing by high volume operations, established and efficient logistical and office processes, no affiliate or sales commission factored in the price of our service and by investing in online technologies that reduce overheads.
Additional services

To add more value to our visa handling process and to provide maximum comfort to our customers we are offering a number of additional services. These range from SMS (text) tracking and same day courier services to phrase books and guided excursions for your chosen destination. All prices for optional services are displayed on the relevant visa page on this website.

Our reviews

Please check what our customers say about our service and how we helped with their visa processing.

Your next steps

We hope that after you have read more about us you are ready to send your visa requests to us. Please choose your visa and apply online. If you are still unsure, have any concerns or simply want to discuss your personal visa case, please contact us.


Last but not least, we need to inform you that we are a private company assisting our customers with visa applications. We are not an official government website. If you wish to apply directly to the relevant embassy, please contact them or check their website for current visa rules, application process and applicable fees. If you decide to use our services, please note, that in addition to consular fees we charge a handling fee for processing your visa application on your behalf. Our handling fees are disclosed on the relevant visa pages on this website and we guarantee that they are the lowest in the UK.

Please also be advised that it is the relevant consulate who authorises the visa and not us. We cannot influence their decisions in any way and we shall not be held responsible nor accept any liability for any actions of government authorities not issuing your visa for any reason whatsoever.