Russia Visa Applications

Russian visas and invitations given Ukraine conflict

We are operating as usual and can provide all paperwork required for your visa. Russian consulates continue issuing all types of visas.

Note: Biometric data is required for all Russian visa applications made in the UK. All visa applicants (except for children under 12 years) must provide biometrics at our partner office in London or go in person to the Russian visa application centre.

Guidance on How to Complete the Russian Visa Form & Not Get Rejected

Order and download our "Definitive Guide on How to Complete the Russian Visa Form & not Get Rejected". Our Russian visa experts share their experience & knowledge

We’ve put together a 10 page PDF ebook which we believe makes completing your Russian visa form a cinch. We guarantee if you follow our guidance your visa application will be accepted and you will not have to waste your time making corrections or amendments. It costs only £5.22 and can be shared with your friends and relatives. If you order a Russian tourist voucher, the guide will cost just £4.95.

We guarantee if you follow our guidance your visa application will be accepted and you will not have to waste your time making corrections or amendments.
Although there’s some information on how to complete the forms on the Russian visa centre’s website, we feel our guide offers more practical advice.  We compiled it based on feedback from our customers, our experience of what constitute the most frequently encountered issues and what consular staff consider to be the most important questions on the visa form itself.  The authors of this guide have over ten years’ experience dealing with the Russian visa.
We believe our guide:
  • Makes it easier to complete the form
  • Guarantees you’ll spend less time spent completing the form
  • Works because it is based on real customer experience
  • Highlights the most common customer mistakes and helps you avoid them
  • Saves you money resubmitting a form for an application that’s been rejected
There are some limitations when using this guidebook:
  • It is only relevant for tourist visas. However, even though it’s not designed for business travellers, it can also be helpful in completing such visa applications if you enter details of your business visit.
  • It is written for UK, USA, Australian and Canadian citizens – the Russian visa application for those nationals is longer and slightly more complicated than for citizens of other countries.
This comprehensive guide book costs only £5.22. Please click on buy now below and after successful payment the guide will be immediately emailed to you in a pdf format.


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If you decide to use our services, please note, that in addition to consular fees we charge a handling fee for processing your visa application on your behalf which includes visa consultation and advice, checking your application pack as per relevant government requirements, consular submission and collection.