Russia Visa Applications

Russian visas and invitations given Ukraine conflict

We are operating as usual and can provide all paperwork required for your visa. Russian consulates continue issuing all types of visas.

Note: Biometric data is required for all Russian visa applications made in the UK. All visa applicants (except for children under 12 years) must provide biometrics at our partner office in London or go in person to the Russian visa application centre.

Russian Tourist Visa. Quick & Secure Online Order

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General information about Russian tourist visa

Russian tourist visa is a document which allows foreign nationals to travel to Russia as tourists. Russian tourist visas are offered as
  • single entry - visiting Russia only once during a period of up to 90 days or
  • double entry - for two entries within a period of up to 90 days
  • multiple entry - multiple entries for a period of up to 180 days
As per latest amendments in the Russian law (August 2021), you can apply for a multiple entry tourist visa valid for 6 months with allowed period of stay of up to 90 days. Please note that Russian tourist visas cannot be extended and cannot be obtained at the border either.

A standard single tourist visa is best when you know exactly where and how long you will be staying in Russia. Otherwise please apply for a multiple entry tourist visa or a business visa to Russia.

Travelling to Crimea

If you are planning to visit Crimea, you will need to have a valid Russian visa. If you are going to Crimea as a tourist, a standard Russian tourist visa will be sufficient. Most likely you will be travelling to Crimea by air via Moscow. This is not counted as a double entry as you are not leaving the Russian territory. We will issue all required paperwork for your visa.

Our prices versus DIY

We guarantee the lowest price for our visa service as we have been dealing with Russian visas for over 10 years now and have high volume operations. We also include a tourist voucher – a required document to get your Russian tourist visa – free of charge with our visa service. We will also make sure your application form is correctly completed and all documents are compliant with the requirements of the Russian consulate. We also have facilities to take your biometrics in central London.

How to apply for your Russian tourist visa

First, please place an order on our website so we can have your personal details, visa type and dates of travel to Russia. After your payment we issue an official tourist voucher and email you the guidance notes on how to fill-in the Russian visa application form. Once you have completed your visa form, we check your application pack and advise of any required amendments. You then bring your documents to us for final checks and finger scans where you will be assisted by our representative. We will also pay all visa fees on your behalf. 

Required documents

Original passport Passport must have at least 2 blank pages and be valid for at least 6 months after your intended departure from Russia.
Visa application form The form must be completed online now. Once you have ordered your Russian tourist visa through our company you will receive a detailed guidance how to complete the forms.
Colour photo 3.5 cm by 4.5 cm taken against a light background (white or off - white), UK standard passport photo will be sufficient.
View photo specification.
Visa support document If you do not have a tourist voucher (official tourist confirmation document from a travel agency or a hotel in Russia) our company will assist with the visa support. The price of the visa support document is included in our visa fees detailed below.
Non UK – nationals
  • residence permit (work permit / visa if applicable). Note for EU nationals: You must provide a residence card issued by the Home Office proving your settled or pre-settled status. If you do not have a physical card you can make a print out from the Home Office website confirming your status and notarise this document. You can use any notary in the UK or use the service provided by the Russian Embassy (cost £15 per person). If you have an EU and a British passport, you can use your British passport to prove your residence. Prove your status on the Home Office website;
  • proof of address (utility bills, copies of bank statements) for the last three months,
  • EU, Switzerland, Iceland, Norway, China, Australia and New Zealand nationals: travel insurance certificate valid for the whole period of stay in Russia. No travel insurance is required for UK passport holders. Arrange travel insurance online.
  • USA, Australia citizens cannot apply for urgent visa unless they have a residence permit or long term work or student visa in the UK. The visa processing time for these citizens will take 20 working days if they do not have proof of residence in UK for the last 180 days.
Company director, self employed,
  • bank statements for the last three months showing a positive balance on your account: for trips of 10 days and shorter - £100 per day of stay in Russia; for trips over 10 days – a positive balance of at least £1,000 is required. Note: Students, house-wives and retired people are not required to provide bank statements.
Born in the USSR /
held Russian nationality
  • Born in the USSR and never had Russian nationality – a personal statement confirming you do not hold Russian nationality. Download template.
  • Previously held Russian nationality - an official certificate of renunciation of Russian nationality
Children application Please see below for additional documents when applying for children under 18 years old.

Application for children under 18 years old

If a child has a passport, he / she needs to obtain a visa. There are additional requirements for children under 18 years old when applying for the Russian visa and depend on who they are submitting their applications with and who they will be travelling to Russia with. There is no need to notarise any documents. A copy of child’s birth certificate is always required.
  • Applying with a parent of the same surname - a copy of child’s birth certificate is required. No other additional documents are required if travelling with both parents. If the child travels only with one parent the following documents are required:

  • Applying with a parent of a different surname - If the child's surname is different from the parent's surname (e.g. due to divorce)
    • A copy of child’s birth certificate
    • A copy of the parent’s marriage and divorce certificate. Applicants must prove connection between child’s and parent’s surname
    • Parental confirmation letter from the accompanying parent
    • Parental consent letter from the other parent

  • Applying alone without parents and travelling with a parent - the following documents are required:

  • Applying and travelling either alone or not with parents
    • A copy of child’s birth certificate
    • Copies of parents' passports
    • A copy of accompanying person’s passport with a valid Russian visa (if travelling with someone else)
    • Parental consent letter from BOTH parents
Processing time is calculated from the day you arrive at our office to provide biometric data.

Russian Tourist Visa. Quick & Secure Online Order prices

Type of Visa Validity Processing Final Price
( total cost )
Single 1 Month 20 business days £295
( best value )
apply now
4 business days £395 apply now
3 Months 20 business days £325 apply now
4 business days £415 apply now
Double 1 Month 20 business days £375 apply now
4 business days £495 apply now
3 Months 20 business days £395 apply now
4 business days £515 apply now
Multiple 6 Months 12 business days £495 apply now
Our prices include all consular and visa application centre fees, our service charges, VAT. There will be no extra charges except for postage if you want your passport to be posted to you, alternatively you can collect it from our office. You can choose passport return delivery option when placing an order on our website. The price you see is the price you pay. StressFreeVisas Best Price Guarantee.

Please click on “Apply now” button below to submit your order. It will take no longer than 5 minutes of your time. Once we have received your payment we will email you detailed guidance on how to complete your visa form and advise of the next steps.


It is our responsibility to inform you that we are a private company assisting our customers with visa applications. We are not an official government website and are not affiliated with any government department. If you wish to apply directly to the relevant embassy, please contact them or check their website for current visa rules, application process and applicable fees.

If you decide to use our services, please note, that in addition to consular fees we charge a handling fee for processing your visa application on your behalf which includes visa consultation and advice, checking your application pack as per relevant government requirements, consular submission and collection.